Ever since adopting opinionated code formatters like Go's fmt, or Python's black, I haven't spent much time thinking about formatting and I haven't missed anything. It turns out that was completely wasted time that added nothing. I cringe thinking about time spent in code reviews talking about code formatting. What other things do we do in programming that seem important, but with the right tool, disappears?

Organizing code into files and deep folder hierarchies comes to mind. Git.

I'm old enough to remember tools like SourceSafe, CVS, SVN and other pre-git source revision control systems. Git does a few things better than those systems, but I find myself spending just as much time (or more) dealing with Git. When will we get the git killer, the revision control system that doesn't waste so much of your time and energy getting it to work right? Since the introduction of Git (17 years ago), pretty much no progress has been made in this area. #programming

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